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any suggest.. ?

    Something is not right. This week, my English Conversation Course ended. I am still in Level 3 and need one level more to complete all level in this course. But, i don't really have a choice. I have two choice, but only can choose one. First, is to continue this course to Level 4. And second choice is to come back to d campus and continue my job as a lecturer. It's not easy for me to decide, because i love both of them. But, d time and scheduled do not allow to do both.

    To be honest, right now, i like to continue my course. Simple, because it's fun. Even, you can see, my english is still lack, but the important thing is i can try to speak and listen and have a conversation in english. This course, encourage me much, to be more confident and brave enough to use english. Even, once more, it lack everywhere. And one more, I take this english course to increase my TOEFL score. Until now, I can increase my TOEFL score in about 30 point. It still 510 and my target is 550 (minimum requirement to register to abroad scholarship), so actually i haven't reach my target. I still need this course as well.

    But also, i can not abandon my job as a lecturer. This semester i took an absent. And it'll be more complex problem if i take absent again next semester. Who're you? Newbe Lecturer and brave enough to take a year absent. Haha. I can not lose this job because I hardly get it. It'll be such a waste if I just give up on it. Also, to be lecturer is one of my plan getting scholarship, because I'll have a big chance to take it as a lecturer. Despite that i need to wait longer.

    I haven't decided it, yet. To be honest, i don't know what should I choose. Situation like this, to choose something is always make me crazy. If just i can do both of them..... any suggest.. ?


  1. you can improve your english in everywhere,
    so I suggest you to teach your students first.

  2. lol..
    thanks miss lecturer..
    u r indedd myfriend..
    my little and also big sister..